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Chocolate Crunchies: Ration Recipes by Sarah Mortimer

Chocolate crunchies from Patsy’s Reflections 

My favourite cookery book! This was compiled from a cartoon strip that appeared in the Daily Mirror and was published in 1946 – but remember, rationing didn’t end until the mid-1950s so this help in using rations and unusual ingredients was still needed for nearly another 10 years. Patsy was newly married and unsure how to cook, so with the help of her mother and two neighbours, she learns. 

According to the recipe these are ‘the tops’! I’m not sure that I’d go that far, but they are easy to make and quite tasty. Everything goes into one pan so there’s not much washing up, either – always a bonus. 

The flavour reminded me of treacle toffee but I think that must be because they contain cocoa powder and syrup, so it is somewhat bitter, but pleasantly so. 

They did break into pieces when getting them out of the tin so I think if I did them again, I’d put greaseproof paper in the bottom of the tin to help. They were very crunchy too, but the clue is in the name, after all! 

Enjoy! – Sarah 


1/2 0z Margarine
2 oz Golden Syrup
1 tablespoon coca powder
Pinch of salt
4oz rolled oats