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Culture & Wellbeing in York

York Museums Trust is delighted to be working in partnership with National Centre for Early Music, Accessible Arts and Media, Converge at York St John University, York Theatre Royal, Explore York Libraries and Archives, Pilot Theatre and York at Large under the name Culture & Wellbeing in York to explore how engagement with arts activity can positively impact on health and wellbeing.

The partnership spent a year learning together as part of the Locality Project programme, led by consultant Linden Rowley, examining the role of the arts in addressing social challenges and delivering public services.

There exists a strong, evidence-based case for the health and wellbeing benefits of the arts. It has been shown that engaging with the arts, particularly with communal artistic activity, can enable people of all ages and backgrounds to feel better about themselves and about their lives.

This can lead to a reduction in the need for prescription drugs to combat mental health difficulties and has been shown to reduce the frequency of people’s visits to their GPs. The result being happier individuals and a reduction in pressure on health services and budgets.

York Museums Trust are committed to the Six Ways of Wellbeing and are working on ways in which our museums and gallery can become sources of health and wellbeing for the York community.