Exhibitions at York Museums Trust

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York Castle Museum

Current exhibitions include Chocolate: York’s Sweet Past, Shaping the Body: 400 Years of Fashion, Food & Life, 1914: When the World Changed Forever, Kirkgate: The Victorian Street, Toy Stories, and York Castle Prison. Find out more.

York Art Gallery

Current exhibitions include Albert Moore: Of Beauty & Aesthetics, Centre of Ceramic Art (CoCA), The Burton Gallery, Schools Challenge – An Alternative View of York, and Foundation Myths. Find out more.

Yorkshire Museum

Viking: Rediscover the Legend opens 19 May 2017. Current exhibitions include After the Ice: Yorkshire’s Prehistoric People, Capital of the North, Extinct: A Way of Life, Ritual or Disguise: The Star Carr Headdresses, Roman York – Meet the People of the Empire, William Smith: The Map That Changed The World. Find out more.

York St. Mary’s

The Dark Self opens 7 June 2017 – find out more.