York Museums Trust's Mission



Working together with audiences and communities to inspire, to share and to care for cultural heritage.


York Museums Trust shares collections, gardens, buildings, art and stories for learning, enjoyment and wellbeing. Rooted in York and Yorkshire, we look outwards nationally and globally. As a charity, our income enables the Trust to care for heritage and to benefit all.

Headline Priorities

Our priorities are:

  • Deliver the York Castle Museum major Capital project, including collection and storage rationalisation, and develop the Castle area as a Cultural Quarter
  • Excellent, high profile programming, including strategic YMT-led  events to attract visitors to York and high quality exhibitions at York Art Gallery
  • Expanding Enterprises, and fundraising activities, building on success, becoming a more business-like charity and increasing our income streams and resilience
  • Ensuring a Quality and 21st century visitor experience, pro-actively engaging visitors to our sites and online
  • Improving York’s and York Museum Trust’s profiles through local, regional and international leadership, partnership and delivering on all the expectations of key stakeholders