Comments and Feedback to York Museums Trust

Comments and Feedback

Comments and Feedback Policy

This policy outlines how York Museums Trust will handle feedback and comments relating to its customer service activities from members of the public. The Trust values all feedback and comments as it gives us the opportunity to help improve our services, facilities and processes. If something goes well or goes wrong, please tell us.  It is our intention that every complainant is content with the outcome.


Providing Feedback at Our Sites

Any member of the public who wishes to make give feedback should, in the first instance, contact a member of Museum, Art Gallery or Gardens staff, who will, wherever possible, deal with the matter immediately – either directly or through their line manager.

Many matters can be resolved informally by discussing the issue with a member of staff.

If the matter cannot be resolved informally by discussing with a member of staff, the member of staff will make a formal record of the complaint and forward it to the Museum/Art Gallery/Gardens manager who will investigate further.

All feedback regarding customer service activity will be reported to the Museum/Art Gallery/Gardens manager and monitored.

All positive comments will be recorded and praise forwarded to the relevant member of staff, via the Museum/Art Gallery/Gardens manager.


Providing Feedback After Your Visit

You can make leave feedback or make a comment by phone, letter or email –

Communications Assistant
York Museums Trust
York Castle Museum
Eye of York
Y01 9RY

Fill in the below forms by site:

York Art Gallery – Please click here
York Castle Museum – Please click here
Yorkshire Museum – Please click here

Or Call: 01904 687687

If feedback cannot be dealt with immediately, or once your feedback has been received by the Communications Assistant, we aim to give you a response within 28 working days.  If your feedback is more serious or complex and requires further investigation which will take longer than 28 working days, we will send you a holding response and keep you informed of progress.

If you are unhappy with our response then please get back in touch with us at which point our communications will be forwarded and reviewed by a Senior Management Team and we will respond to you again within 10 working days.

If, for any reason, you are still unhappy and your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction please let us know, and our communications will be forwarded to either the Chief Executive or Board of Trustees.

All positive feedback will be forwarded to the relevant member(s) of staff.

Our Promise

We will:

  • Treat all feedback with courtesy and understanding.
  • Resolve complaints promptly and informally wherever possible.
  • Carry out a thorough and fair investigation whenever needed.
  • Make every effort to respond to you within 28 working days.  If we need longer we will keep you updated.
  • Receive comments and feedback from third parties if you do not feel able to contact us yourself.
  • Learn from your feedback and use it to improve our services and reward our staff.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us and give us your feedback.


Customer Care Policy

York Museums Trust is dedicated to the provision of a high quality, customer focused, and friendly service to all our users. Please click here to read the York Museums Trust Customer care policy.