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The Good Organisation – York’s Railway Heritage

York has been an important centre of transportation since the Romans established the city in AD71, linking it to an efficient road system and making use of its waterways. However, the city is also famed for its rich railway heritage and has played key role in laying the foundations of today’s modern rail network.    …

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York LGBT Forum Twitter Takeover

York LGBT Forum will be taking over York Castle Museum’s Twitter Saturday 27th June! York LGBT Forum will be taking over our twitter to share the work they’ve been doing in York, share their personal stories and respond to some of the objects in York Museums Trust collections. They actively promote awareness and …

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York Travellers Trust Twitter Takeover

York Travellers Trust will be taking over York Castle Museums Twitter page this Thursday (18th June), with some exciting videos and images showcasing their culture and heritage.   Did you know?   The Gypsy and Traveller community is York’s oldest, and until very recently largest, minority ethnic group with an estimated 1300 Gypsy and Traveller people …

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My Life as a Volunteer with York Castle Museum – Steve Pickard

In 2013 I took early retirement after 43 years as a Local Authority Housing Officer. I have always had an interest in Military History and my brother-in-law, who is a guide at the Yorkshire Museum suggested I apply as a volunteer with the Castle Museum. My first volunteer session after my training was Hands on Here! Gas …

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A Miscarriage of Justice in York – A blog by Volunteer Steve Pickard

John Stevens & Thomas Lastley, 17 April 1790 (A Prank Gone Wrong) A Miscarriage of Justice in York John Wharton was a button maker in Sheffield. He had recently married and his young wife had asked him to buy a basket of food and told him not to come home late. He and four work colleagues, John …

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Vegetable Pie: Ration Recipes by Sarah Mortimer

Vegetable pie with brown sauce from ‘Good Eating’    ‘Good Eating’ was a collection of recipes created from reader’s recipes in the Daily Telegraph during World War Two.  This recipe uses the fact that vegetables were relatively easy to come by in wartime whereas meat was not – it doesn’t specify which vegetables to use, …

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Reyahn King’s Object of the Week: Dick Turpin’s Whistle

Reyahn King, Chief Executive of York Museums Trust, has picked some of her favourite objects from the Trust’s collections for a series in The Press newspaper. Here is the latest object, an Ivory whistle which  reputedly belonged to infamous highwayman Dick Turpin.

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Chocolate Crunchies: Ration Recipes by Sarah Mortimer

Chocolate crunchies from Patsy’s Reflections  My favourite cookery book! This was compiled from a cartoon strip that appeared in the Daily Mirror and was published in 1946 – but remember, rationing didn’t end until the mid-1950s so this help in using rations and unusual ingredients was still needed for nearly another 10 years. Patsy was …

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Carrot Cookies: Ration Recipes by Sarah Mortimer

Carrot cookies from We’ll Eat Again by Marguerite Patten OBE  Marguerite Patten was a hugely successful cookery writer with over 170 cookery books to her name and during the Second World War she worked for the Ministry of Food helping families to prepare the best food with their rations.  These little cookies (and they are …

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PAS North & East Yorkshire Blog: Double Header: Stud-ying in Roman Yorkshire

Double Header: Stud-ying in Roman Yorkshire York Museums Trust hosts the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme Finds Liaison Officer for North and East Yorkshire, Rebecca Griffiths. In his blog Rebecca discusses an interesting new object type recently identified in our region. The Portable Antiquities Scheme database has, to date, recorded nearly 1.5 million objects of …

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