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Heritage Hunters

The Project

York Museums Trust would like to work with people from The Groves, to look back in time and found out more about the people who have lived in your area. This is not only a research project but a way to meet new people nearby!

You do not need ANY experience of researching history to become one of our Resident Researchers. All you need is an enthusiasm for finding out more about where you live. We are partnering with York Explore to support local residents to research The Groves and find out more about the people who came before you.

How to get involved

We will be hosting a series of events for people to learn how to dig into their past! Our first session will be a ‘getting to know’ session at York Castle Museum where you will see some museum collections and hear some recent stories we have uncovered which will give you an idea on how to find out interesting histories.

If this whets your appetite, then you will be invited to an online workshop presented by York Explore on how to use their library and archive to look at your local history. You will then get a chance to visit the library where the archivist will show you some collections related to your area.

You will be supported by York Castle Museum to record histories you find and together we will organise a celebration event in the community to share your research with your neighbours.


How to sign up

You can follow this link to sign up.

Or, if you don’t have internet, you can call, text, or leave a voicemail for the coordinator on 07730642909

What you will get from it

By participating in this project you will meet new people in your area and explore new places right on your doorstep. You will also learn how to do historical research and access our libraries, museums, and the city archive.

Time commitment

To get the most out of this you should put aside about 2 hours a week for research. You will be given a guide on what to do and how to record your findings. In addition to the creative sessions, there will be 3 get togethers when we will visit some of York’s museums and heritage sites.

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