York Museums Trust

Half Term Fun at York Museums Trust – October 2016

Bloody battles, terrifying tales and spooky shadows are in store for those who dare visit the Yorkshire Museum, York Castle Museum and York Art Gallery this October half term!

  • At York Art Gallery create shadowy shapes and layers of light by making your own shadow puppets and window pictures to take home.
  • Head to York Castle Museum for chilling stories in the prison cells and learn about the superstitions of the past and present.
  • Meanwhile the Yorkshire Museum marks 950 years since the battles of 1066 – the Battle of Hastings but also the Battle of Stamford Bridge and Fulford in Yorkshire.

Emma King, learning manager for York Museums Trust, said:

“With Halloween just around the corner why not get in the spirit of all things spooky with our October half term events. You can get creative at all three sites with a variety of crafts including making Shadow Puppets, Witch Balls or tapestries of the battles of 1066. At York Castle Museum get sent to the cells for variety of different spooky stories or find out more about superstitions such as why it’s unlucky to break a mirror or spill salt but lucky to touch wood!”

All activities are free with admission with no need to book (free admission to YMT Card holdersfind out more here).


York Art Gallery

Spooky Shadows and Layers of Light

Saturday 22nd to Sunday 30th October 2016
Daily, 11am – 1pm & 2pm – 4pm

What’s hiding in the shadows? Use transparent materials to make shadow puppets and window pictures.

Free with admission, no need to book.


York Castle Museum

Superstitious Tales and Spooky Stories!

Saturday 22nd to Sunday 30th October 2016
Daily, 11am – 1pm & 2pm – 4pm

Stories and activities for all the family throughout the day. There will be poems and stories suitable for the very young in our education room, and more chilling tales for older children in the Debtors’ Prison. Visitors will be able to learn about the superstitions behind some of the objects in the museum’s collection. There will also be the chance to make a witch ball to take home!

Free with admission, no need to book.


Yorkshire Museum & Gardens

The Bloody Battles of 1066

Saturday 22nd to Sunday 30th October 2016
Daily, 11am – 1pm & 2pm – 4pm

As we look at the battles and events in York that led up to the Battle of Hastings join us this half term where you can create your own ‘tapestry’ on paper. Use a variety of art materials from charcoal to collage techniques to mark the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Fulford and the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Free with admission, no need to book.


Kids Curator’s Talk: Castles

Tuesday 25 October 2016, 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

William the Conqueror thought York was so important (or troublesome) that he built not 1, but 2 castles here! Come along to this special talk to find out more about them.

Free with admission, no need to book.


Big Autumn Birdwatch in the Museum Gardens

Thursday 27th October 2016, 11:00am – 3:00pm

This is the time of year when birds are feeding themselves up for the winter so why not join us in the Museum Gardens to do a spot of spotting? ‘Basecamp’ will be set up near the Multangular Tower lawn and two birdwatching walks will take place at 11:30am and 1:30pm, lasting about an hour.

The sightings will be recorded on a board at ‘basecamp’, and clipboards and pencils are provided. We’ll have tick-sheets available for anyone who wants to go off and birdwatch by themselves.

Free, no need to book.