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New Rules for York Castle Museum? By Sarah Mortimer, Assistant Curator of Social History Learning (Formal)

After a visit to York Castle Museum, Lindhead Primary School sent us some lovely leaflets they had made about the museum. We liked them so much, we thought we’d share some snippets from them.

In their leaflets, the children included some useful information about the Castle Museum’s exhibitions and facilities (the information below has been taken exactly from the children’s writing):

At the sweet shop there is lots of sweets like the shuger mice.

In the prison they is a metall bed and you haff to wee in a bucit.

If you get hungry you can go to the café you can get a lots of yummy food.

At the toy exhibition there is lots of toys to see. Asc your parents is they plaid wiv sum of theas toys.

They also included some wonderful illustrations, like this one of our horse and carriage on Kirkgate.

A child's drawing of a horse and carriage. The illustration has been labelled 'horse and carriges'

However, we particularly liked the rules for the museum which the children came up with. Here are our top ten:

1. Do not run
2. Walk sensibly and quietly
3. No pets aloud
4. Do not climb on things
5. Do not go over the barrier
6. Don’t bang on the window
7. Do not break stuff
8. Maick shall your chield is allwais with you
9. No gymnastix
10. Do not loke yourself in the museum

We’re not sure how easy it is to do gymnastics or lock yourself in the museum. However, it’s good to know that you shouldn’t try to in the first place!

We love seeing what schools have made in the classroom, and it shows how much they get out of visiting the Castle Museum.

Thank you Lindhead teachers and pupils!


We welcome school and group visits to the Castle Museum, York Art Gallery and the Yorkshire Museum and Gardens.

All the information you need to plan a visit is provided on our Schools – Making a Visit page.

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