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More Than Just a Tiny Waist – Mon 25 Mar 2019

More Than Just a Tiny Waist

When we look back to past ages, we tend to think of women tight laced into restrictive prisons of whalebone and steel – but was that really the case? How did corsets come about? Did women always tight lace? Did everyone always wear them? And what were they really for?

Join Assistant Curator of Costume and Textiles Dr Faye Prior for an intimate examination of the corset, from its beginnings in the stiffened bodices of the Tudor period, to the waist-length stays of the eighteenth century, and the explosion of different designs and ideas in the industrial age.

Learn how corsets first came about, why people wore them, and examine some real historical corsets from the collection of York Castle Museum. Part of York Fashion Week 2019.

This event costs £5 per person and museum admission applies. Click here to book your place.

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Monday 25 March 2019, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


York Castle Museum,
Eye of York
North Yorkshire

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  1. Janice |

    Hi,  May I know how many pcs of antique corsets are on collection? Would like to plan before visit, thaks!

    1. Lee Clark |

      Dear Janice, apologies for the delay.

      We currently have the following on display:

      Rare black silk corded corset with purple flossing, 1860-75.
      Brown twill corset with spoon busk, 1880s
      Cream silk brocade ‘S-bend’ corset, 1900-07

      And in the first room of 1914: When the World Changed Forever, we have a black sateen corset with straps dating from 1900-15. This one will be on display until the 6th July, as we’re rotating that case the week beginning 7th July.

      Best wishes,