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The Making of Bloomsbury

Art historian Frances Spalding on the Bloomsbury group; what held them together for so long and why they did they become so influential?

7 May 2022, 11am, £15 per person

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Bloomsbury was a diverse group of friends which began meeting in the first decade of the 20th century.

Most groups of this kind have a limited time-span, but Bloomsbury had a remarkable longevity and considerable influence. Why was this?

This talk looks at the composition of the group, where they met and what held them together.

Frances Spalding is an art historian and biographer. Among the books she has written are: Vanessa Bell: Portrait of the Bloomsbury artist and Duncan Grant as well as a short monograph titled: The Bloomsbury Group.

In 2014 she guest curated an exhibition on Virginia Woolf for the National Portrait Gallery. Later this year, on May 26th 2022, Thames and Hudson are publishing her book The Real and the Romantic: English Art between Two World Wars.

Ticket includes admission to the exhibition Beyond Bloomsbury: Life, Love and Legacy