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Behind the Scenes at York Museums Trust 2012-2014

York Museums Trust has produced a document about the great achievements and exciting developments that have taken place in the past two years.

Over the last two years, York Museums Trust, an independent charitable organisation, has excelled in many ways and in many areas.

Major funding and increased income generation has allowed the Trust to develop and build on its past successes, resulting in more and more people having access to and being inspired by the collections we look after.

We have done this by using traditional and innovative methods, embracing new partnerships and new technology.

Some projects you may be aware of, such as the major exhibitions and events. But a lot of the work that York Museums Trust does happens behind the scenes or by working with individual groups, institutions or schools.

This document is an attempt to give you an insight into the huge variety of projects we are involved with and our ambitious plans for the next few years.

Please click here to download the PDF document.

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