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Haircare essentials every 18th gentleman should know

Haircare essentials every 18th gentleman should know

Do you want to look picture perfect? Don’t skip these three haircare essentials!  

 1) Wigs!

Is your own hair itchy and annoying? Do you yearn for full fashionable locks? Wigs are very much in vogue. Shave your head and pop one of these on top. Unlike your own hair, it can be baked in an oven to make sure it’s free of nits.  

2) Wig curlers

These are a haircare must-have. Sure, that hair might originally have come from a horse, but it’s on your head and you deserve to look stylish. Make sure your wigmaker uses the right size of clay curlers when he re-sets your curls. 

3) Wig Powder!

No hairdo is complete without powder. Bring an air of dignity to your look with a gentle dusting of starch. Of course, you can’t just scatter it by hand, you have to use a wig powderer. Remember to cover your face and clothes though, that stuff gets everywhere!