Yorkshire Museum School & Learning Downloads / Resources

Yorkshire Museum Downloads

These downloadable trails are for groups planning a self-guided visit around the Yorkshire Museum. Just click on the title and print out as many copies as you like to bring along.

Roman Gallery Trail – This trail, suitable for KS2, takes you around our Roman galleries asking questions along the way.

Dinosaur Investigators Trail – This trail, again suitable for KS2, takes you around our Extinct galleries, picking out questions about dinosaurs and how they disappeared.

Exploring Extinct Trail – Questions and activities all linked to our Extinct exhibition on the Ground Floor of the museum.

Prehistoric Progress – Learn about the prehistory of Yorkshire by following the trail around the museum.

Literacy Trails: KS1 Literacy Trail and KS2 Literacy Trail.

Numeracy Trails: KS1 Numeracy Trail and KS2 Numeracy Trail.