Yorkshire Museum School & Learning Downloads / Resources

Yorkshire Museum Downloads

These downloadable trails are for groups planning a self-guided visit around the museum. Just click on the title and print out as many copies as you like to bring along.


Roman Gallery Trail

This trail, suitable for KS2, takes you around our Roman galleries asking questions along the way.


Dinosaur Investigators Trail

This trail, again suitable for KS2, takes you around our Extinct galleries, picking out questions about dinosaurs and how they disappeared.


Exploring Extinct Trail

Questions and activities all linked to our Extinct exhibition on the Ground Floor of the museum.


Prehistoric Progress

Learn about the prehistory of Yorkshire by following the trail around the museum.

Literacy Trails

KS1 Literacy Trail

KS2 Literacy Trail


Numeracy Trails

KS1 Numeracy Trail

KS2 Numeracy Trail