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Collection Item: Gilling Sword

Basic info

Gilling Sword
Object name
Object category
Iron blade with five silver bands on grip and silver plaques on pommel. Two edged blade, pattern welding, pommel decorated with silver plates with geometric decoration, five silver bands in grip, grip missing. Elaborate pommel with large central lobe topped with a circular button below which is a silver band decorated with vertical lines, on both sides of the lobe there are small plaques with a geometric circular design. Running vertically on the shoulders of the pommel either side of the lobe are two thin silver bands decorated with horizontal lines. The shoulder beyond these are concave and curve to meet another silver band which runs along the top of the upper guard, again decorated in a geometric pattern. The tang is visible through the silver bands that remain from the grip - which too bear the geometric pattern - between there it can be seen to reduce steeply in size as it reaches the pommel. The guard is thick but short, curving at an angle similar to that of the pommel it is slightly deformed on one arm. The blade by the hilt is black and reasonably intact, it still holds a sharp edge, and the cutting edge is chipped as well as corroded. The condition of the blade becomes worse toward the tip and the wide shallow fuller or plane which runs along the blade becomes obscured in the damaged portion, the blade is also reasonably loose in its hilt.
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Object number
YORYM : 1977.51
Number of objects

Physical Characteristics

Iron (material) (Blade)
Silver (Decoration)
Whole length 838.0 mm
Blade length 693.0 mm
Blade width 53.0 mm
Fuller length 645.0 mm
Fuller ( at hilt) width 30.0 mm
Fuller end width 6.0 mm
Guard length 85.0 mm
Guard width 9.0 mm
Guard depth 24.0 mm
Guard end A - sword length 7.0 mm
Guard end B - sword length 9.0 mm
Tang length 79.0 mm
Tang from hilt B1-2 length 12.0 mm
Tang B1-2 width 20.0 mm
Tang B1-2 depth 4.0 mm
Tang B2-3 length 11.0 mm
Tang B2-3 width 18.0 mm
Tang B2-3 depth 5.0 mm
Tang B3-4 length 9.0 mm
Tang B3-4 width 16.0 mm
Tang B3-4 depth 4.0 mm
Tang B4-5 length 8.0 mm
Tang B4-5 width 13.0 mm
Tang B4-5 depth 3.0 mm
Band 1 length 8.0 mm
Band 1 width 35.0 mm
Band 1 depth 18.0 mm
Band 2 length 8.0 mm
Band 2 width 34.0 mm
Band 2 depth 18.0 mm
Band 3 length 8.0 mm
Band 3 width 35.0 mm
Band 3 depth 17.0 mm
Band 4 length 8.0 mm
Band 4 width 31.0 mm
Band 4 depth 16.0 mm
Band 5 length 8.0 mm
Band 5 width 28.0 mm
Band 5 depth 16.0 mm
Pommel height 54.0 mm
Pommel width 74.0 mm
Pommel depth 24.0 mm
Upper guard end A width 5.0 mm
Upper guard centre width 5.0 mm
Upper guard end B width 6.0 mm
Silver band above UG width 9.0 mm
Silver band centre width 9.0 mm
Silver band end B width 10.0 mm
Silver band depth 20.0 mm
Centre lobe height 38.0 mm
Centre lobe width 9.0 mm
Centre lobe depth 14.0 mm
Centre lobe - button height 6.0 mm
Centre lobe - button depth 11.0 mm
Space below button height 2.0 mm
Silver band - height 4.0 mm
Silver plate on lobe height 18.0 mm
Silver plate on lobe width 11.0 mm
Band beside lobe A height 19.0 mm
Band beside lobe A width 4.0 mm
Band beside lobe B height 18.0 mm
Band beside lobe B width 4.0 mm
Shoulder A length 12.0 mm
Shoulder B length 14.0 mm
Outer side A to lobe length 31.0 mm
Outer side B to lobe length 30.0 mm

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Gilling West