York Museums Trust

Celebrating York’s Gypsy and Traveller Heritage 

Celebrating York’s Gypsy and Traveller Heritage 

Co-produced Exhibition with York Travellers Trust  

26 May 2023 – 5 May 2024 

The exhibition was produced in partnership with York Travellers Trust (YTT). YTT is an independent charity, established in 1999 and based in Clifton, York.  

Gypsies and Travellers are one of the largest ethnic groups in York and have been in the city for over 500 years. Together we are celebrating this rich history and the Gypsy and Traveller communities (GTC) who live here today.    

YMT’s collections can help us to share this rich history and we are working together to better interpret them and find new connections. YMT recognises the importance of creating space for communities to tell their own stories. Together we selected two important objects from YMT’s collections that explore GTC heritage and have produced a film that celebrates their connection to York alongside important family artefacts.