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The impact of Curator Battle

Hi all, I’m Millie, Digital Communications Officer at York Museums Trust. I want to share with you the impact of our most successful digital campaign to date – #CuratorBattle!

Curator Battle ran on Twitter from 20 March until 24 July 2020 as one of the ways York Museums Trust could still engage with audiences while in lockdown. It was one of several fun ideas we created to get people talking and learning about the objects in our care while the museums were closed, but it definitely had the biggest impact!

The idea was simple – to challenge other museums and museum visitors to share objects under a given theme. The result was a huge online thread of hundreds of museums from around the world contributing to this online experience, which benefited audiences and organisations alike.

The impact Curator Battle has had is incredible, from international press coverage, enhancing other organisations online engagement to most importantly, improving wellbeing of our audiences throughout the challenging time of lockdown.

Rather than me write too much on here, we’ve created a few infographs to highlight just some of the successes of this project!

Also see some of our best battles below: