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Ask The Expert Q&A 12 December 2016: Working with Major Loans – with Jen Kaines

Jen Kaines, Registrar and Collections Manager at Leeds Museums and Galleries (LMG) , will be answering your questions on Working with Major Loans on Monday 12 December between 2-3pm GMT.

Jen Kaines is the Registrar and Collections Manager at Leeds Museums and Galleries (LMG).

Jen Kaines is the Registrar and Collections Manager for Leeds Museums and Galleries (LMG) and looks after the extensive national and international loans programme for the whole of the service.  She also runs the Registrars: Training for the Future programme in partnership with Royal Armouries and the University of Leeds, which trains a trainee annually and delivers practical CPD sessions for current registrars and collection managers across the sector.

Leeds Museums and Galleries uses loans as advocates for the collection, the Service, the city and in the case of international loans the UK as part of its collections development.  Last year the Service lent a couple of thousand objects across the world to other institutions.  The items ranged from paintings to locomotives and everything in between.  Negotiating loans of differing items can be complex and involve months and even years of work before items actually travel.

Jen Kaines , will be answering your questions on Working with Major Loans on Monday 12 December 2016 between 2-3pm GMT.

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Your Comments

  1. Gillian Waters |

    Hello Jen
    Which would you say has been the trickiest major loan to organise?

  2. Jen Kaines |

    That is a really difficult one to answer really – not sure whether you mean lending out or borrowing…
    Each object comes with its own challenges depending on what it is made of, its condition, legislative constraints, where it is going, etc. The scale of works is often challenging such as getting large and very heavy locomotives moved where there are weight and length restrictions on bridges / access routes.

  3. Gillian Waters |

    Hi Jen
    How does the Registrars Training for the Future project work?

  4. Jen Kaines |

    ‘Registrars: Training for the Future’ is a multi-tiered programme aimed at those already in Registrar / Collections Management roles and those wishing to pursue a career as a Registrar. The project is a three way partnership between Leeds Museums and Galleries, Royal Armouries and the University of Leeds.
    We run practical CPD sessions for those already in the sector on very practical topics such as how to process an international loan, what you can insure especially in terms of contemporary art where materials are not necessarily traditional, intellectual property for Registrars.
    We also run a traineeship where we enploy a trainee who are embedded into the Registrars Departments of Leeds Museums and Galleries and the Royal Armouries, and they undertake a PG Cert as part of the Univerisity of Leeds MA in Museum and Art Gallery studies. This is a unique blend of practical and theoretical training. To find out more you can have a look at this film we created:

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